Selling a Business

At HKCF we adopt a tailored approach to each project based upon a tested successful Business Sale Process (Click here)

Generally we find that the seller  prefers a targeted approach to a limited number of potential buyers rather than a broadly advertised approach. This approach tends to focus on synergistic buyers, who can and often will pay the highest price. It also results in less dissemination of competitive information to the market place.

Engagements in which Barry and Charles have participated, include:

  • Sale of a leading automotive magazine to industry consolidator
  • Sale of a chemical importer / distributor to its major competitor in New Zealand
  • Sale of a bottled water company to US investors with a synergistic distribution network
  • Sale of a trailer parts import/distribution company to an Australian competitor
  • Sale of a retailer of leading brands of outdoor products.
  • Pricing advice and negotiations regarding the sale of a magazine in the food industry
  • Sale of a healthcare rehabilitation company
  • Preparation of a valuation of a motor vehicle rental business to assist the shareholders to determine an appropriate exit price for one of the shareholders.
  • Indicative valuation of an engineering and storage systems company to assist the Australian based owner in determining an appropriate price for the possible sale of the company to the New Zealand based managing director.
  • Indicative valuation of a general and precision engineering company involved in the manufacture under its own brand name of dive hoses, hydraulic hoses and stainless fittings in order to assist the owner in assessing the current value of the company in relation to the possible buy-out of the company by management.

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