Dispute Resolutions

Independent expert advice provided in dispute resolution matters including for:

  • Compulsory shareholder buyouts, relationship property disputes, shareholder disputes, forensic evidence, damage calculation for breach of contract

Engagements in which Barry and Charles have participated, include:

  • Prepared the forensic evidence to support the $30million  litigation against the auditors of a failed bank. This project, which was based in the Cayman Islands and Costa Rica and was completed over a 7 month period, involved reconstructing 4 years of loan transactions, which were in Spanish.
  • Analysis performed of a workout of a $100million portfolio of assets, covering over 25 companies,  numerous asset groups and 13 years, to determine the success or otherwise of the workout.
  • Measurement of lost profits from a plant shut down by the union due to an unsanctioned 3 day work stoppage
  • A retailer abandoned a lease exposing itself to potential damages for breach of contract. A betterment argument was developed and the dispute was settled at mediation
  • A timber processing company was valued for relationship property and dispute resolution purposes.
  • Valuation of a pallet racking and shelving company for relationship property purposes.
  • A small goods company was valued to assist in the resolution of a dispute between the two shareholders of the company.
  • A meat patty production company was valued for to assist in the  facilitation of settlement negotiations in relation to the acrimonious departure from the company of one of the three equal shareholders.


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